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    Landscaping is more than a trade it's a form of art. When you're on a job and your client is almost in tears when they see it completed, it could be a big project but these situations are usually smaller ones, for example: I had a lady call me to wash her windows. she was somewhere in her mid 70's and her home was backed up to a golf course. I remember the windows on the back of the house were the worst because of the dust and rain and when I went to the door to collect the payment she invited me in. She says to me I want to show you what you did. Instantly I'm thinking that I'm not going to get paid as I remember my first window washing job where I scratched a window, nobody bothered to inform me that polorized windows scratch easily. Anyway, I follow her to the back of the house, she points to the largest window and says "see that?" I look and I didn't see any scratches, I must've had the dumbest look on my face. I stand there for what seemed like eternity at the moment but more like half a second, and I look at her kind of dumbfounded. Then I noticed she had tears in her eyes. She says to me "see that view?" I look and it was a beautiful view, rolling hills, grass and mountains in the background. She continues, telling me that I gave her that view by cleaning her windows and doing such a good job. That's when you know you're doing things right. When you get a few clients like that here and there it what makes it all worth while.



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