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Landscaping Services


Landscaping Services

Precision Groundskeeping - Lawn and Landscape Services

​​​​     Landscape Health and Beauty -  We also offer...

     Weed Abatement. 

     Disease & Insect control & prevention.
     Irrigation -  Sprinklers & Drip System install/repair.

Other services include, sod Installation and conversions. Planting and trimming. Programming and installation of timers. Landscape demolition services including sod, tree and stump removal. Any questions about our services or to inquire about services not listed here Please call us or send us an email services@lvgroundskeeping.com

Complete Yard Clean-up

Trim Shrubs, Blow Leaves, Debris Removal. Discounts available when combined with a

maintenance package.

​Basic Lawn Maintenance  

w/1-yr contract $100.00

Mow, Edge & Blow Turf areas on a weekly basis or as needed. 
without contract $120.00

Monthly Xeriscape Maintenance ​(Desert Landscape)

w/1-yr contract $70.00

Blow Leaves & Debris etc, spray weeds, trim plants. Monthly visit.
without contract $80.00

Desert Landscape Packages    


     Basic - good for a small yard.covers about 1,000 sq. ft.  

Includes 8  tons of decorative rock. 10 Desert plants. 100 ft Drip Line and valve.

Add a Dry Rivebed, 4 Boulders and 4 Flowering Plants.

+ $550.00
Sprinkler Repairs$200.00 Plus Parts.

Replace, Modify or change any part of a sprinkler system. Covers up to 3 hours labor.

Parts not included.